Java Programming Language Learning Tutorial for Beginners

The Java programming language is probably one of the most widely used programming languages ​​today. The scope of the Java language is very broad, starting from the web (especially in servers), desktop applications, and what is currently booming is mobile applications (android).

Java is a ” native ” language or native language for creating android applications. And now the number of mobile devices has far exceeded computers / laptops. Java How To Program Early Objects (10th Edition)

In addition, the Java language is also a mandatory programming language for every campus or computer education institution, especially when discussing object-based programming ( PBO ) material or what in English is called object oriented programming ( OOP ).

Because this programming language is very popular and its use continues to increase, Duniailkom will present a tutorial series on learning the Java programming language . Hopefully it can be useful for all my friends.

Understanding the Java Language

For the initial tutorial on learning Java, we will get acquainted with the Java programming language, starting from understanding the Java language, understanding JVM, JRE and SKD. All of these terms are quite important to understand because they form the basic foundation of the Java language

Running Java Program Code

In this session, we will discuss the preparation for running Java language program code. Starting from installing the Java JDK, setting the path, the Java language compilation process to installing the Notepad ++ text editor.

Java Programming Language Data Types

This section will discuss about the types of data types in the Java language, including the distribution of data types along with examples of how to use them.

Java Programming Language Operators

This section will discuss the types of operators in the Java language. We will discuss arithmetic operators, increment & decrement operators, comparison operators, logical operators, bitwise operators, assignment operators, type comparison operators and ternary operators.

Condition Structure and iteration

In this section, we will discuss Java programming language commands for branching program code, also known as condition / logical structure. In the Java language there are IF conditions , IF ELSE , IF ELSE IF , Nested IF ELSE (if nested), and SWITCH / CASE structures .

After that we will enter the loop. Loop (or in English known as loop ) is a programming concept that is useful for repeating command lines. Here we will discuss how to create a loop in Java using the FOR , WHILE and DO WHILE commands .