Ways to Convert Word to PDF on a Laptop

 As a service bureau worker, it is commonplace, so daily food is dealing with documents.

Talking about documents, often I need a certain format for certain purposes. But sometimes for some documents from clients, I need a certain format, but the client has another format. Download Cheap PDF textbooks

Asking the client to change the document format I need is certainly not a “wise” service. So in the name of service, of course I accept it and change it myself.

One example that often occurs is when you need a document in PDF format, but the client has a Word format.

How to convert word to PDF, the ones I use most often are 2. This way is more than enough, I don’t need any other way. Besides being simple, easy and fast, these 2 methods that I often use also don’t need an internet connection.

Yes .. the way to convert Word to PDF on the laptop that I use is always offline!

Here are 2 ways to convert Word to PDF on a laptop offline that you can also use if you need any time.

Oops … Bonus: I include tips on converting Word to PDF online at the end of the article. Although frankly, I rarely use this method.

1 # Easiest! How to convert Word to PDF on a laptop directly with MS Word

This is the first method that I use most often. Microsoft has provided a Word to PDF save format since MS Office Version 10.

Here are 3 ways to convert a Word file to PDF with MS Word:

WAY 1 – Convert Word to PDF With “Save As” MS Word

The steps are as follows:

Open the Word Document File (Which will be converted to PDF) > Click File> Save As> Select PDF

how to change a word file to pdf on a laptop 1

WAY 2 – Converting Word to PDF With Print Feature 

The method is as follows:

Open the Word Document File (which you want to convert to PDF)  > Click File> Print> Microsoft Print to PDF

how to change a word file to pdf on an ms word laptop

WAY 3 – Convert Word to PDF With Export Menu

The method is no less simple:

Open the Word Document File (which will be converted to PDF)  > Click File> Export> Create PDF / XPS

2 # Converting Word to PDF on Laptop (Offline) Using Nitro PDF

Nitro PDF is the best alternative to Adobe Acrobat Pro. Because Nitro PDF is widely spread on the internet and you can download it legally and for free.

Nitro PDF’s excellent menu, apart from being able to convert from MS office (including Word) and vice versa, Nitro PDF can also be used to edit PDF documents.

To convert Word to PDF on a laptop using Nitro PDF, the method is quite simple, of course, first you have to find the software first via google. Then you install it. After installing, here’s how to convert Word to PDF using Nitro PDF …

STEP 1 – Click Create PDF Menu
On the top task bar Nitro PDF, there is a create menu Choose PDF> From File

STEP 2 – Upload from a folder, the Word file that will be converted to PDF

STEP 3 – Setting the file size (smaller, medium, larger) and folder location. 
Setting whether the finished PDF file will be small, medium or large. Also specify a folder, where the converted PDF file will be saved.

STEP 3 – Convert Word files to PDF By Clicking the “Create” Button
Once set, click OK. Then to convert Word to PDF, select the Create button which is located below, to the left of the Cancel button the
Word file has now been converted into a PDF file.

So with these 2 ways: How to convert Word to PDF on a Laptop via MS Office and Nitro PDF, I don’t think we need to look for other ways. Because this method works and is very easy.

But ….

There are other alternatives. Which is perhaps, this alternative method you might prefer. Maybe it feels easier for you.

So .. what’s wrong if you try to use this method.

3 # Convert Word to PDF Online

For those of you who are accustomed to turning on your laptop while online, these tips will certainly be very suitable.

You can convert Word files to PDF online in 2 ways:

First, (This is the Easiest). Use an Online website converter

There are many converter websites online. This website always includes a Word to PDF converter. Some of the online file converter websites that I recommend are:

  1. pdf2go.com
  2. freepdfconvert.com
  3. pdf2doc.com

In general, converting a Word file to PDF via these online sites is quite easy, on average it only takes 3 steps:

  1. Upload the Word file to the website
  2. Convert
  3. Download the result

However, what you have to pay attention to is that there is usually a waiting time at each stage. Where fast or not the waiting time depends also on the internet connection speed you have.
So make sure, wait until the upload process is completed and then you select the conversion button. Also, make sure the conversion process is 100% completed, then you just download it.

Second, Convert Word to PDF With Google Drive

I do not really recommend this method, because it is too round and round. But at least it can be an alternative.
Here’s how …

  • Upload your Word file to google drive.
  • Once uploaded, open the Word file using Google Docs.
  • Once open in Google Docs, then click file> Download> Select Download to PDF.

This is the complete method for converting MS Word files to PDF on a laptop. Which you can choose via offline or online.